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Who We Are

Trans-consult is a management consulting firm providing advisory services in sustainable urban mobility. With a focus on public transport and new mobility services, our expertise lies in operation and management advisory, data analytics and artificial intelligence, and specialised training.

Established in 1998, the company has a strong presence in Hong Kong and Delhi with associates located in the UAE and UK. Over the years, we have created an international footprint, servicing projects in over 20 countries, across 6 of the continents.

At Trans-consult, our key philosophy is to create strategic value for our clients. We operate on an open source principle and have a large number of consultants on our panel who are mobilised according to the requirement of a project. Using a data-driven approach and evidence-based analysis across our three core divisions – technology, transformation and training – clients can expect independent and visionary advice.

Meet the team

Sue Chan
Business Development Manager Sue Chan
David Leeder
Partner David Leeder
Ben Ross
Partner Ben Ross
Nicholas Lee
Partner Nicholas Lee
Rob Mayo
Partner Rob Mayo
Aswin Iruppayil Raj
Partner Aswin Iruppayil Raj
Dr. Amit Shekhar
Partner Dr. Amit Shekhar
Paul Bromley
Consultant Paul Bromley
Inspector Louis Ma
Consultant Inspector Louis Ma
Dr Tao Lin
Consultant Dr Tao Lin
Atul Tater
Board member Atul Tater
Dr Priyanka Jain
Board member Dr Priyanka Jain
Alok Jain
Chairman and Managing Director Alok Jain